iBuyCardboard.com makes it easy to dispense of used cardboard in the Polk County area.

For years, there’s just been no easy way to find how and where to dispense of used cardboard. We make it simple!

We offer the most competitive prices in the recycling industry throughout Polk County and Central Florida.  iBuyCardboard offers a fast and efficient pickup services for all your loose or baled cardboard recycling.

iBuyCardboard is a premier sustainable solutions provider, headquartered in Lakeland, Florida. As one of the number one recycling providers in Polk County & Central Florida, iBuyCardboard offers full-service cardboard recycling solution. We work with our clients to reduce or reclaim spent resources in daily operations. From mid-range to Fortune 500 companies, we have aided businesses in effectively identifying, efficiently collecting and processing recyclable cardboard. Through iBuyCardboard programs, our customers are able to reduce garbage and waste bills.

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